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Seminar Title: Trace-Based Reasoning: Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Traces to Reason on Experiences

Speaker: Amélie Cordier, Associate Professor, University of Lyon 1

Date and Time: 1:30pm to 3:00pm, the 6th of February 2013 (Wednesday)

Seminar Room: UTS Blackfriars Campus Building 05 CC05.GD.02 (5 minutes walk from the Tower Building CB01 of UTS)

Seminar Chairman: Professor Longbing Cao (longbing.cao@uts.edu.au)

Abstract: In this presentation, we will talk about the emerging concept of Trace-Based Reasoning. Trace-Based Reasoning is an Artificial Intelligence methodology for solving various problems. The specificity of Trace-Based Reasoning is that it uses traces (i.e. sequential records of events) as a rich knowledge source for the reasoning process. During the talk, we will give an overview of the fundamentals of Case-Based Reasoning, a well-known Artificial Intelligence paradigm from which Trace-Based Reasoning draws inspiration. Next, we will describe the fundamental principles of Trace-Based Reasoning, and we will explain the different steps of the process. Thorough the presentation, we will give examples of applications of Case-Based and Trace-Based Reasoning in various applications domains such as Health Sciences, Educational Software, Video Recommendations, Driver Behaviors, Semantic Web, Motion-Based Interactions, Cooking, etc.

Short biography of the speaker: Amélie Cordier is an assistant professor at the University of Lyon 1. She does her research at the LIRIS Laboratory. She got her PhD from Lyon 1 University. Her main research field is dynamic knowledge engineering, Case-Based Reasoning and Trace-Based Reasoning. She is involved in several projects in this field. She led the Taaable project in 2008 and 2009. She has organized several conferences, including ICCBR 2012 (International Conference on Case Based Reasoning). She is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Auckland.

Overview to This Seminar Series: The Advanced Analytics Seminar Series presents the latest theoretical advancement and empirical experience in a broad range of interdisciplinary and business-oriented analytics fields. It covers topics related to data mining, machine learning, statistics, bioinformatics, behavior informatics, marketing analytics and multimedia analytics. It also provides a platform for the showcase of commercial products in ubiquitous advanced analytics. Speakers are invited from both academia and industry. It opens regularly on every Friday afternoon at the garden-like UTS Blackfriars Campus. You are warmly welcome to attend this seminar series.

Jinyan Li, Seminar Coordinator, Associate Professor

 Advanced Analytics Institute, School of Software, Faculty of Engineering and IT

University of Technology, Sydney

 P.O. Box 123, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia

Tel: 02 95149264 (office); http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~jinyli

UTS Advanced Analytics Institute Newsletter (AAI) – January 2013

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Please find attached links to AAI first quarter 2013 Newsletter, designed to inform and generate interest and involvement with the AAI.

Please click: http://analytics.uts.edu.au/pdfs/janaainewsletter.pdf

Available at http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/aair/news-events/newsletters.html

Included in this issue:

·         Nokia Research Centre Collaboration

·         MOU with Northeastern University (NEU), China

·         AAI Big Data Workshop

·         Machine Learning Methods for Multimodal Information Access – Professor Stephane Marchand – Mallet, University of Geneva

·         The Generalised Autocovariance Function – Professor Tommaso Proietti, USyd

·         The Future of Advanced Analytics – Dr. Dan Steinberg, CEO, Salford Systems, USA

·         The Teradata Aster Platform – Mr. Ross Farrelly, Chief Data Scientist, Teradata

·         PAKDD2013 Conference – 14 to 17 April 2013 to be co-chaired by Professor Longbing Cao

 Feedback, contact and involvement with the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI) is encouraged. 

PAKDD 2013 – 17th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

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The PAKDD 2013 17th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia from 14 April to 17 April 2013.  This Tier A ranked Conference is expected to attract over 300 delegates from around the world with high participation rates from Japan, Korea, China, and  Singapore.  The Conference, co-chaired by the Advanced Analytics Institute Director, Professor Longbing Cao, will feature several world-leading keynote speakers including Dr Usama Fayyad, a former Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Strategic Data Solutions at Yahoo.

14 April 2013 to 18 April 2013
Off Campus Australia
All Welcome

Director, Professor Longbing Cao
p: +61 2 9514 4477 
e: longbing.cao@uts.edu.au


PhD majoring in Analytics

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UTS, Sydney Australia has introduced a Master of Analytics (Research) and a PhD majoring in Analytics within its Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI), established as a strategic initiative in 2010 with Professor Longbing Cao as the Director. The institute has world-leading researchers who focus on practice-based analytics and decision-making research and services.

reference: http://www.analytics.uts.edu.au/

Business Analytics and Optimisation – Tutorial

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This is a brilliant tutorial on business analytics with excellent resources. Worth going through when you have free time.


Analytics: A Sure-Fire Way to Deliver Value (Free research brief)

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Here is an opportunity from SAS to get a free research brief from International Institute for Analytics (IIA) discusses how analytics will bring value to your organization.  Written from the viewpoint of a CIO, this brief explains:

  • How analytical tools are a CIOs best friend
  • How implementing a decision-support approach provides much ROI to your business
  • How to ask important questions to executive team members and staff when implementing new IT systems

Link: http://www.sas.com/reg/gen/corp/analytics-whitepaper-gc

AAI Newsletters

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The Advanced Analytics Institute Newsletter is produced on a quarterly basis.  It provides all of the latest information on AAI in relation to innovation, collaboration, education, networking, events and developments within the AAI team.

September 2012, Issue 2 (pdf, 3.9MB)

This issue includes the following news items:

•    Papers Published
•    Papers Accepted
•    UTS: Engage Event
•    Huawei Technologies
•    Microsoft Research
•    Collaboration Meetings in China
•    A New Food Choice Model
•    An Innovative Online Advertising Model
•    Context Free Grammars and Topic Models
•    IEEE SPS Seasonal School
•    Air Passengers’ Loyalty and Its Business Analytics
•    Upcoming Big Data Workshop
•    FEIT Teaching and Learning Grant
•    FEIT Research Showcase
•    Chinese University Research Office Delegation
•    Liaoning Technical University Delegation
•    Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Lab, Houston
•    ICME
•    Business Development Manager
•    New Lecturer
•    AAI Welcomes Four New Students
•    Doctorate Conferral
•    Academic Visitors

June 2012, Issue 1 (pdf, 1.5MB)

This issue includes the following news items:

•    KDD-2012 Success
•    IBM Fellowship Success
•    Student Analytics System
•    New book: Behavior Computing, Springer
•    Policy Suggestions to Local China Government
•    Microsoft Research Collaboration
•    Cheque Image Processing System Trialed in Westpac
•    SAS Agreement
•    China Collaboration
•    IEEE Signal Processing Society Seasonal School in UTS
•    Advanced Analytics Study Group
•    Upcoming AAI Showcase at UTS
•    Advanced Analytics Seminar Series
•    2012 IEEE ICME in Melbourne
•    PAKDD 2013
•    ADMI 2012 Has Been Successfully Held
•    AAI Management Committee Meeting
•    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Business and Social Analytics
•    AAI at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2012
•    Academic Visitors

Visit: http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/aair/news-events/newsletters.html

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